The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity
Leo Tolstoy
The Fund's mission is to promote economic cooperation between the countries of the Belt & Road area

What we think,
we become
Energy and persistence conquer all things
Benjamin Franklin
Smart cities
Cities become bigger, create more value and drive economic growth. Also they produce more waste, use more resources and impact human lives

$2.6 trillion market
for «smart cities» technologies by 2025
Smart energy
Global CO2 emission grew from 22 billion tons in 1990 to 36 billion in 2016. And it keeps growing driven by China, which now produces almost 30% of global CO2 emissions

Over $7.3 trillion
will be invested in renewables to 2040 representing
72% of total energy investment
Smart food
Growing Chinese demand for food coupled with shrinking arable land drives the necessity for land productivity improvement technologies

Urbanization, improving living standards and growing population will drive 15-20% food market growth to 2025 creating smart food market worth
$525 billion
Smart services
China is the world's major investor in digital technology development and adoption representing 42% of world's e-commerce market

Big and growing Chinese market and the rich digital ecosystem allow to monetize digital services in China and for Chinese customers abroad
Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy

Lao Tzu
$100 to 500 million per investment
Equity and equity-like instruments
Below 50%
Investment horizon
3-5 years
Value creation
Access to China market, exchanges & leading companies

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity
Target size
$20 billion closing in 2019

Fund structure
Parallel structure with Chinese and Luxembourg partnerships

Fund term
10 years

Investment period
5 years

Target return
>18% IRR to the Fund

Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time
Theodore Roosevelt
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